Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our class blog is up!

Welcome to the advanced level of photojournalism.

As I had told you before, I have high hope on this class. You will learn things most beginning photojournalism students do not know.

On the other hand, my expectation are higher. I would like to see higher level of photos coming out from this class.

Like what we have done before. This blog is for all of us to express ourselves and communicate with each other. You will gain a 5% bonus to your final grade if you manage to post at least once every week. I will come up with a theme each week starting from next week. It would be still photo, short video, or slideshow with sound. Something not very heavy but keep you rolling.

Again, I need to mention that I will expect more from you experienced photojournalists. Sloppy works will not gain you any credit.

Last but not least, treasure and respect this public space. Do not post anything unethical or illegal. Avoid personal attack. Anything done for the Ranger should wait until it's first published and be sure to credit the Ranger when posted (e.g. Mary Jane/The Ranger)

Alright, enough preaching. Let's have some fun. Enjoy the sound slide show below:

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