Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quiz on Ch. 12 & 13

The following are things you want to know before you come to the quiz on Friday. The quiz questions will be mainly in multiple choice and some fill in the blank. A total of 10 questions will be asked. It is a close book quiz.

What is “nat so,” in video?

There are mainly 3 kinds of sound recording device in video, what are they and what are their advantages.

According to Ken Kobre (the author), multimedia comes in two basic flavors, what are they?

Which 3 things the book suggests to do to eliminate as much ambient noise as possible during interview?

While interviewing, the author suggests to “ask questions in pairs” or “ask interviewees to repeat your questions?” Why?

What is “platypus” refers to in visual news reporting business?

Photojournalist Travis Fox said still frame grabs from video sometimes do not work well. What situation did he refer to?

What is the difference between “decisive moment” and “decisive sequence”? What do they refer to respectively?

Kim Komenich, photographer of San Francisco Chronicle, compares making a documentary video to writing a symphony. How did he describe that?

Kim Komenich doesn’t suggest zooming while videotaping, why?

What is “motivated zooming and panning”? How should it be done?

Ralf Behrens, a freelance photographer from South Africa, said “One shot is never enough” in video.” What does he mean?

What is “avoiding colliding images on screen”? How do you avoid that?

What is a “jump cut”? How do you avoid that?

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